Myths of IVF Treatment

IVF, In vitro fertilization, is a process where the egg and the sperm are made to fertilize in a laboratory. After they are fused, the early embryo is made to introduce into the uterus. However, this process is highly beneficial and has good positive feedback from the people. But there are some myths related to the same. If people consider them to be true, there may be some negative consequences due to those myths. Hence, some myths of IVF treatment that one must know to clarify between the facts and the myths of IVF are below:

    • IVF Can Resolve All Infertility Issues:

      Since there is a high success rate and the majority of people opted for infertility treatment, most people believe that IVF can resolve all types of infertility issues. But this is not the truth. The type of treatment depends upon the kind of problem one is facing. After the problem is diagnosed, the doctor can suggest the best treatment option. IVF can not resolve all of them since it is the treatment process made for only a particular type of infertility treatment. Therefore, one must not directly opt for IVF treatment in case of infertility. best IVF doctor in Gurgaon

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    • It is Only For the Rich:

      IVF is a bit complicated process and is done in a number of steps. This is the reason why this treatment is quite a bit costly. Therefore, people consider that this treatment is only for the rich. But studies show that amongst the people who are opting for an IVF treatment are mostly middle-class people and only some of them were rich. One can easily manage the cost for the same. Also, the treatment is worth it because the success rate of the IVF treatment is quite high.

    • IVF has a 100% Success Rate:

      No medical treatment has a 100% success rate. Similarly, one can never be sure that an IVF treatment will be successful for sure. There are various factors that determine the success rate of this treatment. They are age, cause of the problems in the body as well as the condition of the hormones. Apart from these factors, the efficiency of the clinic also matters a lot. Therefore, although IVF treatment has a high success rate, a 100% success rate of the same is a myth.

  • IVF Babies are Born With Defects & Malfunctions:

    Predicting the chances of babies born with defects and malfunctions is never possible in the early embryo stage. IVF has its function only till the early embryo is implanted in the uterus. However, the deformities in the babies, if they are, start to come after this stage. Therefore, IVF has nothing to do with babies with malfunctions and defects. Moreover, the chances of such problems in babies are the same in the IVF procedure and that of the normal case. Thus, this is a complete myth that IVF babies are born with defects and malfunctions.

  • IVF Leads to Multiple Pregnancies:

    Although there are some cases of multiple pregnancies in IVF treatment, this is not something to be worried about. There are only small amounts of such cases. However, this can be avoided by reducing the number of embryos that are being transferred. To ensure the same, you must visit an IVF center with professionals and experts so that there are no such problems ivf doctor in gurgaon

  • It is Only For Younger Couples:

    This treatment of infertility is for younger as well as older couples. This myth is common amongst the people due to the fact that the success rate of this treatment is greater with younger women. However, it can also be done when a woman is a bit aged. In such a case, the egg is taken from younger females rather than taking it from their bodies. This ensures that the success rate of IVF treatment is higher. Therefore, IVF is not only a solution to infertility for younger couples but is also for older ones.

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