Twin babies in IVF

Chances of Twins with IVF

It is very common nowadays to experience IVF and twins together as a result of the procedure. The concept of IVF and twin babies may not be common in the past, but it is now. According to certain research, the probability of having a twin baby has increased in the past 40 years. IVF and twins are on the rise and can be one of the biggest reasons behind IVF treatment. Women who conceived through IVF had a higher chance of getting pregnant with twins. A normal case of pregnancy may have a 6% probability of women getting pregnant. But with IVF in the equation, the statistics have come up to 25%.

IVF treatment is a blessing for so many couples who try very hard to get pregnant. This is the last resort that women come down to, once they are done with all the other options available out there. Chances of IVF and twins have increased and works by placing the embryo in the uterus of a woman from where it then starts to grow.

IVF and twin babies go hand in hand because IVF increases the chance of twin babies due to the presence of multiple embryos. The presence of multiple embryos in the uterus lining is what is responsible for twin pregnancy.

How Twin Pregnancy can happen in IVF?

IVF and twins go hand in hand and come with a higher chance. The chances of twins with IVF and two embryos increases the chance of getting twins but IVF can increase the chance of twins even with one embryo. This is when one egg splits into two zygotes which are often called monozygotic twins. Often referred to as Dizygotic twins. It is the result of two separate eggs present in the lining of the uterus.

What if I want to have a twin pregnancy with IVF?

Now that you have understood the relation between IVF and twin babies, it is safe to say that IVF and twin babies are in demand and there is a reason why couples prefer going for twins.

They are as under:

  1. Parents are older and prefer having two kids at the same time rather than trying another one again
  2. The process of IVF is expensive and in order to increase the probability of a couple getting pregnant, more than one embryo is transferred into the uterus.
  3. There are couples who explicitly look at the option of IVF to help them produce a baby.

It is good to stay transparent with your doctor regarding IVF and the twin’s success rate. They usually set the facts right by letting the person know about the IVF twins’ pros and cons. The IVF and twin’s risks are openly discussed and counseled. Here are some factors that have an effect on the probability of IVF and twin babies.

  1. Family History plays a vital role. If you already have a history of twins in the family then the probability of getting pregnant with a twin is much higher
  2. Age factor is an essential variable that can change the entire dynamics of the statistical rate of IVF and twins. Women who are over the age of 30 or in some cases 40 are more likely to have IVF twins.
  3. The body type of a person whether a person is taller or overweight increases the chances of twins through IVF.
  4. Having a secondary case of infertility treated with IVF results in twins and in some cases can even cause multiple pregnancies.

What are the benefits of having twins?

There are a lot of benefits of having twins without actually having to go with two different pregnancies in the first place. This is one of the many advantages of having twin babies. Others benefit from being kids, being able to keep each other company, and will not require to give them attention all the time. Single kids need a lot of attention and require mothers to spend some extra time with their kids.

For couples who can’t get pregnant in a traditional way. It is a cheaper option for them to get twins as the IVF treatment itself is considered to be quite expensive. There are couples out there who try ICSI with IVF. IVF ICSI and identical twins are very commonly seen together as it increases the chances of having twins which are around 30 to 35%. It also increases the chance of getting triplets by 5 to 10%.

Risks in twin pregnancy with IVF

Getting IVF and identical twins are not something that a doctor may recommend as it can pose a lot of threat to a baby as well as their mother. Multiple pregnancies can be risky in their own ways and given below are the risk involved while getting IVF:

  1. Preeclampsia: The chances of preeclampsia are seen to be increasing with a twin pregnancy. It is usually the combination of high blood pressure along with some general swelling in the body which is caused due to the increase in the protein. This can be looked at as something that is dangerous to a mother as well as its baby.
  2. Cesarean section: C section is also related to twin pregnancies and makes way for a more probable Cesarean section. This procedure has a higher possibility of getting the hemorrhage at the time of delivery and comes with a longer recovery time in comparison to the vaginal birth.
  3. Gestational Diabetes: Developing diabetes at the time of pregnancy can cause you to have bigger babies than normal. This can increase the level of risk and even prevents a mother from having a normal delivery.
  4. Premature Birth: Around 60% of the twins that are born are premature and around 12% of them are born way before 32 weeks. This can often increase the medical complications for a baby which in some cases can be fatal.
  5. Low Birth Weight: Around half of the twins are born with low birth eight of around 2.5 kg. In some cases, the weight goes as low as 1.6 kgs. Problems such as breathing, hearing, vision, heart problems, etc can be encountered.

Is Single Pregnancy Safer as Compared to twin pregnancy?

Yes, if we look at it. A single pregnancy is much less complicated if we compare it with a twin pregnancy as there are a lot of factors that need to be checked from time to time in twin pregnancy.

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