GallBladder Stones Treatment in Gurgaon

What are gallstones?

Gallstones are tiny stone-like particles developed in the gallbladder. They form when excessive cholesterol or bilirubin is deposited in the gallbladder and gets hardened. Unlike kidney stones, gall bladder stones are troublesome, no matter what their size is. The smaller stones cause trouble as they leave the gallbladder, and larger stones can block the duct that carries the bile juice.

Gallstones generally remain undiagnosed till they become serious because many people who have gallstones do not experience any distress in the beginning stages.

Where do gallstones develop?

Gallstones usually develop in the gallbladder. The small stones travel along with bile juice and present at the common bile duct. These small stones stuck in the bile duct block it, which causes digestive enzymes to trap in the bile duct and results in an infection called cholangitis. The larger stones remain in the bile duct but cause pain when the gallbladder responds to fatty meals.

What are the symptoms of gall bladder stones?

In most cases, gallstones do not show any signs and symptoms, but when they do, they are:-

  • Dark yellow-colored urine due to the presence of bilirubin.
  • Pain in the right shoulder, back between the shoulder blades, and in the upper belly area
  • Diarrhea
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Jaundice
  • Repeated pain can last around 15 minutes to several hours.
  • High fever
  • Appetite loss
  • Clay-colored stools

The symptoms of gallstones may look like other health problems. It is recommended to consult a doctor if one experiences any of the mentioned symptoms.

How are gallstones treated?

The treatment plan is devised on the basis of the patient's age, symptoms, and characteristics of the gallstones. The goal of the treatment is to relieve symptoms and prevent further complications.

  • Medicines can be used to interfere with the development of stones in the gallbladder and dissolving the stones. The treatment is the best option for people who have small, non-calcified cholesterol stones and in the case when the gallbladder is functioning normally.
  • Cholecystectomy surgical treatment is performed to remove the gallbladder and surgical option to cure symptomatic gallstones.
  • Laparoscopic cholecystectomy is a minimally invasive version of the surgery that helps provide the patient faster recovery, minimal bleeding, shorter hospital stays, and less pain.

Why choose Neelkanth Hospitals for Gall Bladder Stone Treatment & Surgery?

Neelkanth Hospital has a team of expert and expert internal surgeons that provide flawless and successful gallstone treatment, from medication to laparoscopic surgeries. Our priority is to ensure the patient’s complete comfort. We use advanced technology and follow international protocols to ensure our patients receive world-class treatment.

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