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ivf center in patna
ivf center in patna

Neelkanth Infertility & IVF Center in Patna

Neelkanth Infertility & IVF Hospital & Fertility Centre is one of the best IVF centers having branches in Patna , Delhi & Gurgaon. In pursuit of growth and providing excellent medical services in Patna. It is running an IVF & fertility center in Patna. In cities like there is always a dearth of super specialist centers and healthcare professionals. To fill the gap Dr. Bindu Garg of Neelkanth Hospital and Dr. Khushboo running IVF center in Patna and provide specialist services for the benefit of patients community at large.

IVF Services at it's Best

ivf center in patna
IVF & Procedures
IVF, In-Vitro Fertilization basically means completing the process of fertilization in a glass. This is also sometimes referred to as a test-tube baby. Read MoreThis is done in case of infertility and thus failure in a natural pregnancy. It is a process done by a combination of medical and surgical treatments. After you are done with pre-tests for the ovaries, the first cycle is given a start which generally lasts for 15-20 days. The sperm is made to fertilize the egg in the laboratory. Then the fertilized egg, that is an embryo is implanted into women’s uterus.
ivf center in patna
Egg Freezing & Fertility
Egg freezing is done to preserve the ability of a woman to achieve pregnancy in the future. The eggs are taken from your ovaries and are stored Read Morein the laboratory to be used later. When you wish to achieve pregnancy, those eggs are made to fuse with the sperm cells and the fertilized egg is implanted in your uterus. This is done to be ensured that one can become pregnant in the future in case fertility is lost. Also, this is done if you are going through any serious health problems such as cancer and there are chances of your ability to get pregnant to be lost.
ivf center in patna
Male Fertility Care
The inability of the body to produce healthy sperms and their transportation at the right temperature is called as male infertility. Read More After several diagnosis methods like semen analysis and hormone evaluation, the treatment of male infertility is started. Depending on the problem, male fertility care can be done through medicational or surgical methods. If the cause of infertility is difficult to find, then the one can go with the Assisted Reproductive Treatment. However, in most of the cases, it can be treated with male fertility care. You must ensure consulting a skilled doctor for male fertility care.
ivf center in patna
PGS & Genetic Testing
PGS, Preimplantation Genetic Screening is the observation of embryos that are produced during IVF. This is done to ensure and increase the chances Read Moreof pregnancy. Before the embryo is implanted into your uterus, it is screened and studied for any kind of abnormalities in it. This is more preferred for the woman above the age of 35 going through an IVF. While genetic testing is done to observe the structure of the DNA and the chromosomes. This is also done in case you experience the symptoms of a disorder caused by genetic changes. To confirm the same, genetic testing is done for its diagnosis.


Neelkanth Hospitals Private Limited,
IVF & Surrogacy Centre
Surya health care,near rajendra nagar golamber near handloom bhawan & ganesh utsav hall, Bihar 800016
Neelkanth Hospital, Rajendra Nagar, Patliputra Path, Near Telephone Exchange Patna, Bihar 800016

Our IVF Specialist

ivf center in patna  

Dr. Bindu Garg

Our doctor is highly educated in the field of Medical Science and serving from years in well-being of a mankind. Dr. Bindu Garg is graduated from “Lady Harding Medical College”, New Delhi. There after she did her Post-Graduation from “Maulana Azad Medical College”, New Delhi. And this is not it; she did not limit herself here. Dr. Bindu Garg went Australia to pursue her Post-Graduation from “Monash University”, which is the best centre of the word extending education in the field of Reproductive Sciences.There she studied in “Reproductive Medicine” under expert guidance of Mr. Allen Trousen, an icon in the field of human Reproduction. Then she went for her training in USA from “Cleveland University” which is the largest Educational Centre of the World, and got trained in “Human Reproductive Sciences”

ivf center in patna

Dr. Khushboo

MBBS(Gold medalist),MS(Gold medalist),FIAOG
Infertility and IVF Specialist

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