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In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)

Infertility is one of the common problems that couples face and there can be many underlying reasons. IVF is a solution and if you wish to get over infertility and get the best outcomes then you have reached the best place which deals in IVF in the NCR region. NeelKanth Hospital is one of the leading hospitals which is not only equipped with the latest technological advancements but also has the expertise of the renowned doctors and specialists. If you have come here, there are chances that you might have been either looking for the IVF Doctors in Gurgaon or you just wanted to learn about IVF before considering this option. In any of the case you should now be free of worries because, by the time you reach the end of this, you would have a clear and definite picture in your head about IVF. If you have any queries or concerns like the cost of IVF treatment in Gurgaon or success rate of IVF you can now sit back and let your worries find peace. We are going to help you understand each and every aspect of the IVF and ensure that you make the right call when it comes to choosing an IVF specialist or choosing an IVF center.

What is IVF?

In Vitro Fertilization is an extensively used assisted reproductive technology or method. The process of fertilization of the egg and sperm takes place outside the body. The process takes place in an environment which simulates the process of fertilization as it happens in a woman’s body. The simulation of the ovulatory process involves the process of fertilization of sperms in a liquid after the removal of the ovum from the woman’s body. This process is thoroughly monitored in a laboratory so as to achieve maximum efficiency and desired results.

How does IVF work?

If you are not sure how IVF works then you can learn about the steps involved in IVF below:

  • COH: It stands for Controlled Ovarian Hyperstimulation which can be attained by many methods and it is carried out so as to avoid any kind of premature ovulation. It is carried out in a monitored environment and when the egg reaches the desired size which is appropriate, the process of maturation is begun under HCG administration.
  • Retrieval of Egg: Eggs are retrieved via a needle which is guided by transvaginal sonography after sedation. The eggs are then transferred to an incubator where it is cultured for insemination.
  • Determining Quality: The quality of the embryo is determined and the good quality embryos are selected for the purpose of the transfer.
  • Transfer of Embryo: The transfer of the embryo by the help of a catheter via cervix after the placement in the uterine cavity is the final step of the process. It involves no anesthesia.

How to choose an IVF specialist?

Finding the best IVF specialist at one of the best centers is a decisive step involved in getting yourself to go through the procedure and achieve desired outcomes. IVF specialist like Dr. Bindu Garg from NeelKanth Hospital whose honors, achievements, and accomplishments speak more about her can be the best choice for you. She has all it takes to be the best IVF specialist and if you are to choose an IVF specialist and a suitable center then you might as well want to look at the following aspects of the specialist.

  • Experience: You would want your IVF specialist to have a vast experience in the field. For instance, if we look at Dr. Bindu Garg, she has received awards like Mahatma Gandhi Samman from the House of Lords and “Swastha Bharat Samman” and many such awards and recognition. She is known for her extensive knowledge in the field and has so far successfully helped hundreds of patient.
  • Location: The location plays a vital role. The convenience in visiting the clinic or the center should be taken into consideration. If you are in the NCR region then Neel Kanth Hospital is one of the best options that you might want to consider.
  • Trust Factor: Trust is the most significant factor when it comes to discussing your problems with your specialist. If you feel confident enough to speak up about everything and discuss the problem in detail with your specialist then you can achieve the desired outcomes. The maintenance of confidentiality about the issues and problems that a couple has also is very important. NeelKanth Hospital promises to provide full confidentiality and is known for being the most trustworthy institute.
  • Cost: Though the cost depends upon the quality and expertise with which the procedure is carried out, it is an important and decisive factor. It also depends a lot on the number of cycles involved in the process. The equipment used at the NeelKanth Hospital are of International Standard and the environment is clean and hygienic. You would have the opportunity to get yourself treated by the best of the professionals and experts of the field at an affordable cost at NeelKanth Hospital. The following table includes the cost of the whole process along with all the medications involved.



One-Cycle Package 1,50,000
Two-Cycle Package 2,20,000
Four-Cycle Package 2,70,000
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