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Breast Cancer is a disease wherein the breast cells grow rapidly and out of control. It can start in any of the different parts of the breast such as the milk lobules, milk ducts or connective tissue, though most cancers develop in the lobules or ducts.

Breast cancer can proliferate to other parts of the body via blood vessels or lymph vessels. Metastasis of the cancer is one of the biggest risks associated with breast cancer. Depending on the place of origin, breast cancer can either be invasive lobular carcinoma or invasive ductal carcinoma.

Why does it need treatment?

As breast cancer can easily metastasize to other parts of the body, its treatment is urgent and important for continued health. It is one of the most prevalent diseases in young women today. There are almost 100000 women in India that are suffering from breast cancer.

The cancer is genetically linked, as such most women inherit it from their parents and so on and so forth. As such, early detection of cancer before it has metastasized to other parts of the body is much more necessary. Early detection of cancer can be done via regular self examination and mammography investigations.

There are many stigmas attached to breast cancers, as such many women hesitate to come forward, even after the cancer has been diagnosed. This makes spreading cancer awareness even more necessary for its treatment to happen.

Test performed in male patients

  • Diagnostic Procedures
    Since early detection of cancer is an important part of the treatment of cancer, diagnostic procedures are very important. Some of the most common breast cancer diagnostic procedures are:-
    • Breast Ultrasound: A breast ultrasound uses sonic vibrations to view the conditions of the soft tissues in and around the breasts. It gives an idea of how big the tumor is and how far it has progressed.
    • Diagnostic Mammogram: A diagnostic mammogram is a detailed x-ray of the breast to differentiate any abnormal areas within the breasts.
    • Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI): MRIs take pictures of all the tissues in the breasts to give a detailed summary of the condition of all the tissues, bones, etc. in order to help diagnose and stage the cancer.
    • Biopsy: Biopsy is the process of removing a tissue or some fluid from the suspected cancerous region and viewing it under a microscope or doing further tests on it in order to diagnose the nature of the cancer, its stage and treatment modalities it is vulnerable to.
  • Treatment Procedures
    Cancer treatment is a very painful and rigorous process. It can be quite stressing for the patient. Some of the best cancer treatment procedures are:-
    • Chemotherapy: Chemotherapy is done by giving the patients drugs or medicines either orally or intravenously that can kill or shrink the cancer cells in order to reduce the tumor size.
    • Radiation Therapy: Radiation therapy uses high energy radiation to kill off the cancerous cells and shrink the tumor.
    • Hormone Therapy: Hormone Therapy blocks the hormones that are needed by the tumor cells to grow, thereby stopping the tumor from growing.
    • Biological Therapy: Under biological therapy, the oncologist boosts the immune system using various methods in order to help fight off the cancerous cells and reduce the side effects of other cancer treatments.
    • Surgery: It is usually the final step in the cancer treatment process, where the shrunken tumor is resected from the breasts to help the healthy cells to proliferate.
  • Aesthetic Procedure
    After a tumor has been resected, most women need to undergo aesthetic surgery and get breast implants. This is also an important part of the cancer treatment as it is necessary in the patient's rehabilitation process.

Treatment Process

The cancer treatment in a normal case of breast cancer is as follows:-

  • First of all, the current stage and nature of the cancer is determined by the oncologists by using diagnostic techniques such as mammography and biopsy.
  • Following this, the patient and the oncologist decide the best course of treatment for the patient together, whether it is chemotherapy, radiotherapy or something else according to the patient preference and the doctor's expertise.
  • The patient is given the therapy over a long period of time in small doses so as to minimise the side effects of the medicine.
  • Finally after the tumor size has decreased to a desirable amount, the surgeon resects it and removes all the cancerous cells from the body.
  • After the surgery, if needed, the patient has to undergo aesthetic surgery and rehabilitate to return to their normal life.

Risks involved in breast cancer treatment

Some of the most commonly associated risks and side effects with breast cancer treatment are:-

  • Short term side effects: Fatigue, Hair loss, Easy bruising and bleeding, Infection, Anemia (low red blood cell counts), Nausea and vomiting, Appetite changes and Constipation
  • Long term side effects: Surgical complications such as bleeding and infection, heart problems, hypertension, lung damage, menopause, infertility, osteoporosis, etc.

Why come to Neelkanth Hospital

Neelkanth Hospital is one of the best hospitals for breast cancer treatment in Gurgaon. It has an extensive well furnished and well equipped oncology department. The hospital has spared no expense in designing the cancer wards to increase the patient’s comfort while they are undergoing the treatment.

Along with this, the oncologists in the cancer department are all very knowledgeable, expert and experienced in providing cancer treatment. They are constantly working hard in order to provide the best possible level of care to all patients.

Not only this, in addition to having a fantastic oncology department, the hospital also conducts breast cancer awareness programs in order to increase awareness among women and reduce the social stigma associated with breast cancer in India.

Breast cancer treatment in gurgaon
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According to some studies, the lifestyle and environment of a person can affect their chances of getting cancer.
Pregnancy and breastfeeding can reduce the risks of developing breast cancer in women.
Increased physical activity can boost the immune system and reduce the chances of getting breast cancer.
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