What is radiology?

Radiology and Imaging is an essential part of the patient treatment process. Radiology is the most important part of the diagnostic process. While a diagnostician can examine the disease from the external appearance of the body, he can not make a complete diagnosis without inspecting the internal body parts and to inspect the internal conditions of the body radiology is a necessity.

What does a radiologist do?

A radiologist or diagnostician takes vivid and detailed images of the body using different imaging modalities to carefully review the condition of the body and arrive at an accurate diagnosis. The imaging can be done via radiation, for example x-rays, PET scans, CBCT, etc., or by different imaging modalities such as ultrasound (sonar vibrations), MRI (magnetic resonance), etc. An accurate diagnosis is the first and most important requirement for a patient to arrive at the correct diagnosis.

About the Department

The Radiology Department at Neelkanth Hospital is a well designed and well furnished facility located at the heart of the hospital structure on the ground floor. The department has a staff of expert diagnosticians, radiologists, technicians and nurses.

The radiology and Imaging Department offers a wide range of imaging techniques that help other surgeons and physicians to diagnose and treat diseases. The imaging is especially necessary for laparoscopic surgeries, where the instruments are guided using different images gained from imaging techniques such as ultrasound, CBCT, X-ray, etc. Imaging also helps with interventional procedures.

The department has been equipped with many advanced state of the art radiography and imaging machines. The department can compare with some of the best hospitals in the country.

The department is functional around the clock 24x7. The turnaround time for the department is less than 24 hours and patients get their reports within 24 hours. The hospital also has a completely digitized radiologic system that enables the department to share patient records with all other departments in the hospital digitally. This is why is it is one of the best radiology centres in Gurgaon.

Services Provided

The hospital provides a comprehensive review of all imaging studies performed inside the hospital.

  • X rays
  • MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging)
  • Multiphase CT Scans, CT Angiography and Virtual Endoscopy
  • Hepatic imaging with segmentation and volume estimation for surgical planning
  • Treatment response evaluation assessment (RECIST)
  • Bone densitometry scans (Dexa scan)
  • PET /CT scans and PET guided biopsies
  • RF ablation to treat tumors in liver, lung, kidney, bone and soft tissue
  • Target delineation and fiducial placement to optimize IGRT and IMRT outcomes
  • Therapeutic embolization and TACE for biliary drainage procedures
  • Target delineation and fiducial placement to optimize IGRT and IMRT outcomes
  • Ablation and celiac plexus blocks for pain management
  • Colour Doppler, Transrectal Ultrasound (TRUS) and 12 core prostate biopsy
  • Full field digital mammography, Digital breast tomosynthesis, CAD, Stereotactic Biopsy/FNAC of breast / wire localization of non palpable lesions in the breast
  • CT or Ultrasound Guided biopsy / FNAC / pleural and ascites aspirations/catheter drainage and other Interventional procedures
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