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Neelkanth Hospital Private Limited offers the best treatment for restoration of diseased hip joints with the best Total Hip Replacement Surgery in Gurgaon performed by expert hip surgeons.

Hip replacement treatment or hip arthroplasty surgical treatment, performed for the restoration of diseased hip joints. This treatment involves replacing the damaged or painful hip joint with an artificial joint made up of plastic and metal implants. It might be an option when other non-surgical treatments are not effective for hip pain. Hip pain occurs due to arthritis, and hip replacement surgery is necessary for the restoration of the damaged hip joint. Hip replacement means removing or replacing some portion of the pelvis and femur that forms the hip joint.

Why is Hip Replacement Surgery performed?

Arthritis is the major cause of hip pain. Various types of arthritis may affect the hip joints. Such as:

Osteoarthritis- Osteoarthritis is a disease in which the joint cartilage and adjacent hip joint break down. The damaged joint cartilage causes pain and limited motion of the hip. It is a disease that affects mostly middle-aged and older people.

Rheumatoid arthritis- This type of arthritis causes the inflammation of the synovial lining of the joints. It happens due to an 'overactive immune system'. It leads to pain and causes stiffness in the joints.

Osteonecrosis- It occurs when the ball portion of the hip does not receive a sufficient amount of blood supply due to fracture or dislocation of the joint. It may cause a deformity in the bone.

Procedure steps Total Hip Replacement surgery.

The steps followed during a procedure depends on the patient concern to be corrected, but generally, these steps are followed-

  • First, the patient's vital signs are checked, such as blood pressure, heart rate, and oxygen level.
  • General anesthesia is administered. Local anesthesia or spinal anesthesia might also be given as an alternative to block the sensation down the waist with some muscle relaxant.
  • The surgeon then makes an incision of 8 to 10 inches at the side or back of the hip and moves the muscles attached to the thigh bone to reveal the hip joint.
  • The ball portion of the femur head is removed with the help of a bone saw.
  • The artificial joint or acetabular cup is then attached to the femur with the help of cement. This joint might also be made up of porous titanium metal that allows the bone to grow into it.
  • The ceramic or plastic insert might be put into the artificial joint, which facilitates the smooth movement within the new joint.
  • The surgeon then prepares the hip bone by removing the damaged cartilage. Then insert an artificial socket into the hip bone. The new femoral head is then inserted into the socket of the hip bone.
  • The muscles and the soft tissues are repaired, and the incision is stitched back or stapled together.

Total Hip Replacement Treatment Approaches

There are different types of treatment approaches performed based on the anatomy of the patient’s hip and the severity level. There are the following approaches for hip replacement treatment-

Traditional surgery

  • In traditional surgery, the surgeon makes an incision of 8-12 inches long at the side of the hip.
  • It takes three to five days to recover at the hospital and about 12 weeks of recovery time.
  • It provides the surgeon a clear view of the joint, which may help them to create an ideal ball and socket joint.

Minimal invasive surgery

  • It is performed to decrease blood loss, trauma to tissues and lessens pain.
  • It has a speedy recovery.
  • Three-four inches long incisions are made, and the muscles connected to the thigh bone are moved aside to expose the damaged bones.
  • Due to small cuts, the healing is faster, and the motion gets better after recovery.

After surgery, the recovery rate is monitored in the hospital, and bed rest is advised for a few days to keep the new hip joint in place. A drainage tube is placed into your urinary bladder to help you go to the bathroom. The physical therapist also teaches the patient some exercises that might help them to regain motion while healing the joint.

Aftercare and precautions required-

  • Continue the physical therapy advised by the therapist
  • Sit in a straight-back chair
  • Minimize the use of stairs.
  • Avoid falling and bending
  • Keep your wound clean and dress your wound daily.
  • Follow all the instructions given by the doctor for a speedy recovery.

Activities that should be avoided after the surgery-

  • After 6 to 12 months of the surgery, avoid leg twisting.
  • Avoid high-impact activities such as running and jumping for lifetime.


  • It eliminates the pain and leads to a happy and healthy life.
  • It improves mobility.
  • It is also found that people who undergo hip replacement surgery have reduced chances of heart attack and depression.

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Hip replacement recovery may take 2 to 4 weeks normally, but it may differ from person to person, says our specialists of hip replacement treatment in Gurgaon. It depends on a number of factors, including your level of activity prior to surgery, diet, age, preexisting conditions, and other health and lifestyle aspects.
Total hip replacement surgery is a major procedure with certain complications and can be addressed with the doctor before proceeding. While this treatment has a high success rate, there are certain risks to consider: Blood clots of the leg and pelvis. A hip infection is a condition in which a person's hip is infected, and to treat this infection; you can choose our replacement treatment cost in Gurgaon.

Is it possible for me to go up and down the stairs? Yes, really. The doctors at Neelkanth- best hospital for hip replacement in Gurgaon says that when you first come down, you'll lead with your operated knee. You will be able to execute stairs in a more natural manner as your muscles get better and your motion strengthens within a month.

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