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What is Oncology?

Oncology is the medical specialty that pertains to the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of cancer. The term oncology literally means study of mass or tumor in Greek. Similarly, an oncologist is a physician who treats cancer and is responsible for the provision of treatment to anyone that has been diagnosed with cancer.

Oncology typically has three major areas- medical, surgical and radiation. A patient's tumor size is reduced and his side effects are mitigated via medicine and radiation. After the tumor size has sufficiently reduced, it is cut off and removed from the body surgically.

Best Oncologist in Gurgaon at Neelkanth Hospitals

Neelkanth Hospital is one of the best oncology hospitals in Gurgaon. The centre is equipped with state of the art equipment for oncology care. It ties up with some of the best oncology centres in the country. The centre has an established one of the best radiation oncology facilities, with IGRT technology, brachytherapy, stereotactic radiosurgery, etc., in the country. We have the best oncologist in Gurgaon. We are committed to providing world-class medical care and treatment to all our patients. Our medical experts have the knowledge and skills with the latest medical tools to meet individual needs.

The department oncologists are supported by expert and experienced radiation oncologists, physicists, and other skilled staff who use advanced radiotherapy techniques to help reduce the patient’s side effects and improve their prognosis. They try to cure the patients with just the use of a combination of radiotherapy and chemotherapy, without any surgical intervention to improve the patient’s outcome.

The department is also associated with surgeons specializing in tumor resection from various parts of the country. It is also connected to the Pain Management Clinic to help take care of patients in severe cancer pain. The department also provides counselling to patients who currently have or had cancer at one point in time.

The department also organizes cancer drives and awareness programs for cancer screening, spreading cancer awareness, tobacco cessation clinics and providing support for patients and rehabilitation to cancer survivors.

Which oncology services are provided by Neelkanth Hospital?

The services provided by the cancer department are:-

  • Chemotherapy Administration
  • Radiation oncology for all types of tumors
  • Central venous access- PICC, Hickman’s catheter and chemo ports
  • Blood collection and Administration of blood products and/or other supportive therapies
  • Clinical examination
  • Patient and family education and support
  • Clinical trial management
  • Coordination of care
  • CT Digital X-Ray/Fluoroscopy
  • Multi-slice Cardiac CT-64 Slice
  • Mammogram
  • BMD- Dexa Scan
  • Interventional Radiology
  • MRI-3T
  • 3D-4D Ultrasound/Doppler
  • PET-CT- Brain, whole body and cardiac
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